Disruption! What’s?

To speak of disruption is to understand how this new consumer acts and interacts at the moment of the research, in the comparison of prices, in the realization of the purchase.

Hence a provocative agent in this new relationship, that of the social network.

We know that the purchase decision is no longer under the influence of traditional advertising, social networks are more than disruptive, they have changed purchasing concepts and, increasingly, companies are putting their products and services in these networks. And should not stop acting also in online message channels, such as WhatsApp, thus ensuring the effectiveness in sales.

Today, thinking online, comes against the new consumer behavior, which does not wait and has no time to lose. And, in this scenario, brands can not waste time either. If they wait to send their products and innovations to the market, they are totally off the radar. For this reason, everything is meant to be transacted, traded or sold online. And no matter what kind of product or service, from airplane to watercress.

The greatest proof of this is that today, this new behavior is decisive in industry, creativity, and logistics. It really sets the speed of business.

E-commerce should be integrated with your social network, especially if you are browsing the fast-growing networks. Also, be aware of the digital influencers – youtubers, bloggers and others who must be popping up right now, anywhere on the planet – who form the opinions of those who will be your consumers in the next minute.

Google did a great research and concluded that the internet changed the decision of buying the point of sale for the network:

> 62% of consumers consult information online before making a purchase. They look for leads on search and social networking sites.

> In this universe, 32% of consumers talk or share information before buying.

> 83% of users who searched for information on the internet relied on network users for shopping, with a demand of four to seven opinions.

And the detail, this research is 5 years ago, imagine today.

Innovation is the secret of a disruptive idea, and do not expect it to come from a CEO, CFO, CCO or COA (chief of anything).

Your team must be prepared for disruptive ideas.

Welcome to the era in which the now has happened and the after … Well, the after was already.


Beto Marques – Partner-director of creation of Gorilla Communication and VP of Communication of ADVB.

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