“Sell more.” Ask ten businessmen what they would like to see happen next month, and you’ll find that virtually every answer will have something to do with the goal of “selling more. We know this is a challenge that most of us marketing and communications professionals face every day. But we also believe that the result of sales, billing and revenue depends on other factors that we need to make happen first, such as: finding the best equation between positioning, branding and offering; valuing the brand and increasing its attractiveness; generating qualified flow of potential customers, both in the physical store/showroom and in digital channels (site/blog/social networks/e-commerce); increasing the conversion rate of visitors into permanent customers and increasing the average ticket value.

So, it is clear that we should not put our focus and energy only on trying to “sell more”, because this is and always will be a result of something that necessarily comes before. Therefore, it is fundamental to understand that factors can work as a trigger for recurring sales and, thus, to work on its strengthening. It seems obvious. And it is. But many forget that and mix with the crowd, running blindly after immediate sales results at any cost.

And what do you think about it?


Luiz Raposo
Specialist in Marketing, Communication, Relationship b2b, living transition to career and business in gastronomy.


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