It’s time to go viral the creativity

The Covid-19 Coronavirus has radically transformed the way companies work. The home office, previously considered normal for some companies, especially among professionals who work directly with technology, now reaches the most diverse sectors, which are forced to adopt it. Many of them for the first time.

Videoconferencing platforms, combined with cloud storage, enable the remote realization of many activities. This scenario would not have been possible a few decades ago, which could further impact the world economy in the current scenario.

I recently participated in a video conference with 10 people. Among them, a friend of mine who, admittedly, calls himself “technological jurassic”. Well, even he could not contain himself with the news and exclaimed: “It’s not that it really works!”.

Everything indicates that the home office tends to match the external work. This means a paradigm shift. The ways companies deal with facts today define their future. The way of working is one of them.

The world’s largest companies have already joined the practice. Google, Facebook, Apple and Twitter – companies born in the globalized communication model – have announced new and important recommendations to ensure that their home office employees in several countries are not affected by the pandemic.

In the face of the short-term effects of the outbreak on the global economy, companies are looking to do their best to adapt. It’s not easy. The live marketing industry, for example, saw its contracts abruptly terminated and events canceled altogether. As a result, many companies are shifting their focus to alternative revenue streams. Through the professional production of videoconferences, they bet, for example, on the streamings, to adapt to the new demands.

The crisis in the advertising agencies is accentuated, with the decision of the advertisers to postpone the campaigns. At the same time, they see the audience’s involvement in social networks growing above normal, resulting from the domestic isolation of consumers.

Advertisers are finding that social marketing actions may be best suited for a time when home-grown content remains viable. Meanwhile, productions that require photo shoots, filming and other external actions, involving dozens or hundreds of people, have been rendered impossible.

So, some ideas for coronavirus time marketing may be in your own content. Did you think about that?

The content on your company’s website, blog or social networks can and should better reflect the positioning of the brand and the services it offers. So, maybe the time to rethink is now. Provide relevant information to current and potential customers, taking into account that the prospect has time available and is receptive to news.

According to a recent Kantar survey, internet browsing increased by 70%, followed by 63% on TV and social media engagement by 61% compared to average usage before the pandemic. The survey also reveals that 25% of Brazilians want companies to serve as an example and guide a route of change in this moment of crisis. And 21% of Brazilians expect companies to be practical and realistic and help consumers on a daily basis.

Perhaps there is the basis for the future of your business. In other words, there are many exploitable content that can be extremely useful for your business. Now is the time to seek new and precious engagements. Think about it!

We all hope that this pandemic will pass soon, with less negative impact on our lives, on our companies, on our society.

And as for marketing initiatives, now is the time to go viral the creativity to keep you business, attract leads and to realize sales. Courage!


Beto Marques
Creative director and co-founder of Gorilla Comunicação, vice president of communication for ADVB – Association of Sales and Marketing Managers in Brazil and the Brazilian Marketing Foundation

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