With the support of Gorilla Communication and mediation by Beto Marques, creative director of the agency and vp of communication at ADVB, the ADVB / SKAL-SP Forum on International Issues was held last May 7th. On the agenda: “Latin America and Europe: The post-Pandemic Economy”. European countries followed different paths in the fight against Covid-19,…

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In Brazil, almost 10 million individual microentrepreneurs – MEIs – are prevented from exercising their work activities due to the Coronavirus Covid-19. It was thinking about the importance of these entrepreneurs that IRES – Institute for Social and Environmental Responsibility and ADVB – Association of Sales and Marketing Managers in Brazil, in a creative partnership…

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It’s time to go viral the creativity

The Covid-19 Coronavirus has radically transformed the way companies work. The home office, previously considered normal for some companies, especially among professionals who work directly with technology, now reaches the most diverse sectors, which are forced to adopt it. Many of them for the first time. Videoconferencing platforms, combined with cloud storage, enable the remote…

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Gorilla Communication created the launching campaign for the Centerville Empresarial venture in Santana de Parnaíba. THE ENTERPRISE Centerville Empresarial is a realization of Centerville Real Estate Developments and commercialization of Proinvest Central Business, located in Santana de Parnaíba, considered one of the top 10 investment cities in the country. The project was designed to meet…

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The night of November 25, 2019 will be unforgettable for the 70 municipalities of the State of São Paulo, winners of the 2nd edition of the Top Tourist Destinations award, of which 16 were acclaimed champions. Among the illustrated presences, at the Noble Hall of the Bandeirantes Palace, is the Governor of São Paulo, João…

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Accessibility in social networks

When we talk about accessible publications, we are talking about an audience of 45 million people. When we use images in digital media, be it on a website, document or social network, blind people are deprived of the information transmitted through the image. As a solution, there is the so-called alternative text. Alternative text is…

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39 cities they premium Top Tourist Destinations

The TOP TOURIST DESTINATIONS award recognizes and values ​​cities that believe that tourism is the true generator of wealth and self-esteem of their populations. Participate, vote in your heart city and in two others that you believe to be a good destination and deserve this title. An initiative of ADVB and SKÅL Internacional São Paulo.… Read More

Branding Marketing

Few people critically evaluate the application of the various branding models. A good starting point is the work of Douglas B. Holt. Concerned to situate his theory of cultural branding in relation to other approaches, the author of How Brands Become Icons identifies four major approaches to brand building: Cultural Branding> Emotional Branding> Viral Branding>… Read More


“Sell more.” Ask ten businessmen what they would like to see happen next month, and you’ll find that virtually every answer will have something to do with the goal of “selling more. We know this is a challenge that most of us marketing and communications professionals face every day. But we also believe that the…

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Disruption! What’s?

To speak of disruption is to understand how this new consumer acts and interacts at the moment of the research, in the comparison of prices, in the realization of the purchase. Hence a provocative agent in this new relationship, that of the social network. We know that the purchase decision is no longer under the…

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